50 mixing station and main component system on offer 50 mixing station main component system: Material weighing system Material weighing system is affecting the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, mainly divided into aggregate weighing, weighing powder and liquid weighing three parts. Electronic Control System Using WINDOWS series concrete mixing station machine for cutting and bending steel control system, stable performance, reliable operation; using computer control, the whole process of management. The whole operation can be completed only one person in the operating room. Mixing System JS series mixing console adopts twin-shaft compulsory mixer can be used for building construction department stirred dry concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortar. The machine has reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short time, low energy consumption, low noise characteristics. Aggregate batching system (batching) Using PLD series concrete batching machine, the machine by a belt conveyor, the weighing system, electrical control system components. It features a belt feeding machine, automatic batching, weighing method using the sensor as the weighing element, accurate measurement. Aggregate conveying system Aggregate conveying system is used to enhance the fighting way, its biggest advantage is a small footprint, in big cities or small venues to show the place, especially from the unique advantages. The strong electric part of self-contained, and the weak part is completely separated from the weak anti-interference ability to improve, but also the strong electric part is greatly simplified, with advanced steel cutter machine for sale china performance, high reliability, maintenance more convenient. 11, the control room With color sandwich panels, with insulation, insulation function. Equipped with heating and air conditioning inside. Bright and spacious control room, unobscured Console using ergonomic design, comfortable operation. 12, screw conveyor Fully sealed cement delivery device, a gate and the metering hopper soft connection does not affect measurement accuracy. Splice port is universal ball joint, adjustable angle deviation, and good sealing. Spiral blade and cylinder gap, high transmission efficiency. 13, cement silo Quantity: according to customer needs with System Description: Top cement silo top with anti-spill equipment, steel bending machine for sale cement thus blown, reducing the load pressure cement silo and to prevent dust pollution of air. Arch-breaking device placed in the tapered portion, and the gas system, the control system portfolio, real-time automatic broken arch of cement can also be manually broken arch.